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But none of the above should matter.
Unless you're hitting on me.


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oc doodle ‘~’



Does that mean there’s a quick way to check whether the rebloggers have deleted the captions or not? owo

Sadly not. I usually go to my own post, check the notes, and view the post on big/famous blogs that reblog it.

Of course I can’t check the personal blogs, but at least none of the big pokemon-only blogs deleted my latest work’s caption.

In the past several weeks, the number of rebloggers who delete my caption seems to have decreased significantly.

I be pleased.


A couple of doodles posted last night on my Twitter.

Ditto was inspired by this Chikorita.




Aww yiss I intentionally set up 2 different formats, for desktop and mobile. But I haven’t tested them myself. Glad it works!

“Many people object to “wasting money in space” yet have no idea how much is actually spent on space exploration. The CSA’s budget, for instance, is less than the amount Canadians spend on Halloween candy every year, and most of it goes toward things like developing telecommunications satellites and radar systems to provide data for weather and air quality forecasts, environmental monitoring and climate change studies. Similarly, NASA’s budget is not spent in space but right here on Earth, where it’s invested in American businesses and universities, and where it also pays dividends, creating new jobs, new technologies and even whole new industries.”

 —Chris Hadfield, An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth (via femscinerd)

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Alpha & Omega

Long overdue, but better late than never. Get the wallpaper format here!

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Yeah but guys, hear me out! Vaati in Hyrule Warriors!


Yeah but guys, hear me out! Vaati in Hyrule Warriors!




Why are artists so broke?

They always forget to save.


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